#Asia 2016

#The Gear

The bike of choice is a Brompton folding bike.

Have a look at the gear, I sorted it all and made pictures.

If you're more interested in the weight click here for a complete list.

#The Countries

Planned: Turkey, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq (safety-permitting), Saudi-Arabia (visa-permitting), Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Yemen (probably not), India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet (maybe), Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maledives, Seychelles, Philippines, Palau.

#The Story

In 2016 I want to try out a more relaxed way to travel: A backpacking trip that includes a folding bike. Or was it a bicycle tour that includes some backpacking? It's hard to tell. I want to do several bike tours in Asia while using India as a home base. Five larger tours with fives breaks in between that allow me enough time to do some more writing. Since many countries on the list have unsafe areas, closed land borders or are island states, I will have to rely on flights a lot. This is the reason I decided to bring a folding bike this time, and the most iconic one at that. I hope it will hold up to the challenges posed and offer more flexibility than I would otherwise have with a full-sized bike when it comes to alternate transport modes. But honestly, what could go wrong? :P

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